Allow the World’s Fair of Money to be Held in Different Cities

The ANA should do more to showcase its premier show to as many people as possible by:

  • Rotating the World’s Fair of Money amongst different regions
  • Rotating the show to different areas within the regions

The ANA’s flagship show, the World’s Fair of Money, has been scheduled so that its primary location is in the Chicagoland area keeping it away from potential new members and other interested people. While I love Chicago and look forward to visiting old friends, the ANA can better promote itself by holding this show in other areas of the country.

A better idea would be to hold the World’s Fair of Money in rotating regions in cities accessible by transportation and hotel infrastructures. Within the regions, the show can be rotated amongst different metropolitan areas to showcase the best of the numismatic community in many areas. Locations should be selected by availability of space, hotel availability, and ease of travel. The ANA should also consider areas that would allow members and interested people to combine their vacations with attending the show. This can help members with limited vacation time satisfy their collection needs and their family.