Stabilize Headquarters by Ensuring the Implementation of Solid, Common Sense Policies

Stabilizing the ANA headquarters requires a professional approach to running an office:

  • Set solid and common sense policies about the work environment
  • Provide the tools to keep the ANA headquarters staff productive

I was probably as annoyed as you were when I heard that for the second time in the last ten years a dismissed executive director has filed a law suit against the ANA for wrongful termination. While the case has “ no merit to any of the allegations contained in the lawsuit, and it will be vigorously defended,” as stated in the ANA’s press release, the ANA loses because of the costs to defend itself.

Remember, it was not long ago when the ANA was on less than solid financial grounds.

Thanks to my association with the ANA Technology Committee, I have come to appreciate the professionals who work at the ANA Headquarters in Colorado Springs and feel that they need better support from the Board of Governors. As a member of the Board of Governors I will push for solid and common sense policies to take away the uncertainty in the work environment. Removing those gray areas that are rumored to be at the heart of the most recent lawsuit will help in allowing the ANA staff to better do their jobs.

Another problem that I discovered is that the ANA staff does not have the modern tools to operate a large organization in the 21st century. The tools are more than computers, it is the software and hardware that can be used for the staff to solve problems and work in the best interest of the ANA. As a member of the Board of Governors, I will work with the Board to provide the tools to modernize ANA Headquarters that will better support the membership.