Expanding the ANA’s Membership and Outreach Using Technology to Make the ANA More Accessible to All Members

  • Build a technology platform to support delivering services to the connected numismatist
  • Expand the ANA’s education objects by adding courses and seminars online
  • Extend the National Money Show and World’s Fair of Money into cyberspace
  • Bring more of the library and museum to the members electronically
  • Make the ANA Technology Committee a permanent advisory committee to the Board

Stabilize Headquarters by Ensuring the Implementation of Solid, Common Sense Policies

  • Set solid and common sense policies about the work environment
  • Provide the tools to keep the ANA headquarters staff productive

Allow the World’s Fair of Money to be Held in Different Cities

  • Rotating the World’s Fair of Money amongst different regions
  • Rotating the show to different areas within the regions