Research and Writing

Current Project

Enjoying Numismatics

Enjoying Numismatics: A conversation on collecting is my forthcoming book, due Spring 2013. This will be an e-book with a limited print run. I decided to write the book after receiving comments on my blog about some of the instructive posts. I gathered those posts, added new content, and edited them so that it is in a conversation style. I want the reader to imagine that you had me sitting with you on your couch and talking about collecting. They will feel my excitement while learning about collecting.

Future Projects

The Policy and Politics of Money Manufacturing in the United States

What better way to combine my interest in public policy and numismatics than to study what is behind the minting and printing of money in the United States. The book will not only look at today’s policies and politics, but take a look back into its history. I hope the book will answer that perpetual question, “Why did the Mint do that?”

The History and Politics of Maryland Colonial Currency

Another combination of money and politics, I want to research and write about what was going on in the Maryland colony during the time it issued paper currency. This book might not be a best seller, but I know it would generate interest in Maryland from both collectors and historians.