Numismatic Interests

I started collecting coins at 10 years old through my father’s pocket change filling those ubiquitous blue folders. Later, after I started to deliver Newsday in Inwood, Long Island, I was once paid with Indian Head cents and Buffalo nickels. For a pre-teen just becoming interested in coin collecting, this was a fascinating experience.

I would call my collection of 20th Century coins above average. Along with my original Lincoln cent collection, I have assembled collections of various types of coins in this era. For this collection, I am not concerned with modern (post 1964) versus classic era (up to 1964) coins. If they were struck by the United States Mint in the 20th century, I am interested. My only complete classic era set is of Peace dollars.

Current Collecting Passions

Maryland Colonial Currency

I made a presentation [PDF] about Maryland colonial currency to the Montgomery County Coin Club and wrote an article for The Maryland Numismatist. I am working on expanding the collection and the history to understand the economics and politics surrounding the colonial emissions.

Tokens, medals, and currency of New York

This collection involves numismatics that represent something in my personal biography. While I have collected recent Bureau of Engraving and Printing products specifically from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, I am very interested in the currency issued by the First National Bank of Inwood (Charter 12460), a small bank on Long Island that if you trace its linage it is now part of Citibank. Subway and other transportation tokens are also part of this collection.

Israeli Currency

Israel uses state-issued currency to promote its history and locations throughout the country. They are wonderful designs and interesting to collect.

Philatelic Numismatic Covers (PNC) or Coin Covers

Although these are more popular in Europe, I find them fascinating. Aside from the covers produced by the U.S. Mint, I found covers issued in honor of one of my favorite British storybook character, Sherlock Holmes. Now I look for covers of interesting topic, usually not associated with the monarchy.

Large Canadian Coins

When I met the woman who would later become my second wife and found out that her family is from Canada, I became interested in Canadian numismatics. I started to collect Canadian silver dollars but wanted more. I moved to other Canadian coins concentrating on Canadian half dollars. To keep with the large coin theme, I am looking into starting a collection of Canadian large cents, mainly from the Victorian era, affectionately called “Vickie Cents” by collectors.