When I am not involved in numismatics, I am an information security and systems architecture analyst for a not-for-profit corporation that works with the Federal Government. My job is to help the government build systems to serve the public and protect personal information. I hold a Bachelor of Science with a major in Computer Science from the University of Georgia and a Master of Information Systems Management with a concentration in information security and public policy management from Carnegie Mellon University. I have worked in the computing industry for over 30 years when I started programming using punch cards.

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I started collecting coins at 10 years old searching through my father’s pocket change filling those ubiquitous blue folders. A few years later, I started to deliver Newsday in Inwood, Long Island where I continued to plug those folder holes with the change received from delivering newspapers. Through my teen years, which included a move to Charlotte, I amassed a modest collection mainly from pocket change. One of my early passions were the United States bicentennial coins.

Like many young numismatists, my collecting pursuits waned when I entered college. After college, life took over. Even though my folders and my complete album of Roosevelt dimes traveled with me, I would only show a passing interest in them while while navigating through my career and everything else that went along with young adulthood.

I met the woman who would be my first wife in 1990. I chased her to the Washington, DC area where we were married in 1997. After returning from a year in Pittsburgh where I attended graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University in 2000, she was diagnosed with Stage 3B cancer on election day. She would lose her battle with cancer by the following April. The first book I wrote was for the information security industry and that book was dedicated to my first wife. You can read my tribute here.

After her passing I was looking for something to occupy my time and found the coin albums and folders on my shelf. Slowly I started collecting again but this time taking the time to learn more about what I am collecting. Once again, I became hooked on numismatics. That began my latest journey that started with joining the Montgomery County Coin Club. Finding a club with an active membership, I embraced the challenge to become more active and looked to make an immediate impact. Shortly after joining, I became Webmaster of the MCCC website ( and began to contribute to meetings with presentations. Eventually, I was elected to the MCCC Board of Directors before being first elected club president in 2008.

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I served two terms as MCCC president including 2009, the club’s 50th anniversary. Club rules prohibited seeking a third consecutive term, so I became a board member and then vice president. I was elected president for 2013 and will continue to serve the club as its president and Webmaster.

After becoming hooked on numismatics again, I joined the ANA in 2003 and read everything I could find about my collecting interests. This has lead to me to joining the American Israel Numismatic Association while collecting Israel currency, and the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association to learn more about Canadian coinage since my second wife’s family is from Canada.

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Following my time as a club representative to the Maryland State Numismatic Association (MSNA), I became a member and the organization’s webmaster (, board member, then was elected vice president for 2012. MSNA Vice President Scott Barman is serving his second term in 2013.

In 2005, I started the Coin Collectors Blog ( The Coin Collectors Blog is where Scott I speak directly to other collectors writing about news, history, instructions, opinions, and whatever else has come to mind. This has lead to articles that have appeared in on-line and printed numismatic publications.

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For the last year, I have been working with the ad-hoc ANA Technology Committee providing assistance to the ANA Board of Governors to repair and grow the ANA’s technology platforms. I work will continue with this committee and support it being made a permanent advisory committee to the ANA Board of Governors.

Last year, I began working with the Gold & Silver Political Action Committee as political coordinator keeping the membership informed of the numismatic and precious metal news in Washington, D.C.