Dear ANA Member:

Recently, I was asked why I did not run for the ANA Board of Governors for this term.

First and foremost, I started a company, Having-Fun Collectibles. Having-Fun is all about having fun collecting. We deal in collectibles of all types—all the fun items that remind you of yesterday. Having-Fun is on eBay and The Antique Center in Historic Savage Mill. While we also do local shows, I am looking to expand the business. This takes a lot of effort and requires my personal attention. This will take time away from being involved with the ANA. It is a short-term sacrifice that I will change in the future.

I am also proud of the work that the ANA Technical Committee has done in moving the ANA forward with using technology to create more outreach opportunities. The upgrade and moving forward of technology in support of the ANA’s mission was my primary platform. Now that it has come to pass, the urgency I felt as a technology professional is no longer a priority.

The ANA continues to have issues that have yet to be addressed including personnel matters highlighted by the transition of five executive directors in 15 years including two lawsuits. The next board must address these issues and ensure a level of management that may still be lacking. I will let the up coming board know how I feel.

In the mean time, I will continue to write about coins on the Coin Collectors Blog and hope to return as an active member as soon as business allows.

Thank you!